FarmBattle – Have fights in the farms

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Only Minecraft 1.8 is tested, but I think it can work properly on 1.7-1.12,if you found some bugs, please tell me.


  • The players will act as a farmer in this game.They need to grow crops in their own regions, and gather the corps they gained into a chest nearby their spawn points to gain more score for their team.The default respawn time is 10 secs, it will increase as they die by 2 secs each time, tha max respawn time is 20 seconds.
  • Players can't pick up anything in their enemies's region, but they can steal the crops by using Stealer bought from the shop.
  • One game takes 10 minutes, you will get 1 coin each second, some specific area will generate diamonds at a fix rate, pick up the diamond to get extra coins, 1 diamond = 100 coins. You can buy some items at the villager near the spawn point.
  • There are some common items and some special items sold in the villager shop. Such as Vanishing, Life Regeneration, FireBall, Frozen, Stealer, DeathProtection and so on.Each of the item have description of their own.
  • After 10 minutes, the team which has more score will win.

For players

  • You just need to type in /fb join [World] to join the game, for example /fb join world
  • To leave the game, type /fb leave.

For server owners

  • To create a new game, you need to create a brand new world.And build game map in this world, which has a villager a chest in each team region and some diamond regeneration points which belong to no team.
  • Type in /fb create [World] ,for example /fb create world
  • Type in /gamerule randomTickSpeed 200 to change the speed of growth.(you can modify the number 200 as you want)
  • Create a unbreakable room and type in /fb setrespawn in it.The room will be the lobby of this game and the respawn waiting lobby.
  • Type in /fb wand to get a selection tool
  • Select the diagonal game region with selectiont tool (one corner for left click and the other for right click),type in /fb setregion g and /fb save
  • Select the team A and team B region like what I said above and each type in /fb setregion a and /fb setregion b
  • Select the chest for team A and team B for the storage of crops with selection tools with left click, and each type in /fb setchest a and /fb setchest b
  • Stand right where the diamond regeneration potins are and each type in /fb setdiamond
  • Now you have setup the game entirely,restart the server ,and set the bungeecord settings in config.yml if you want. Then enjoy the game.

Screen Shots(In Chinese language,you can switch to English in config.yml)

If you have trouble setting up the game, you can contact me for a fully configured server with the map above.


  enable: false
#enable bungeecord mode
  lobbyName: lobby
#bungeecord lobby server name
enableTitle: true
#enable if you are 1.8+
lang: en
#lang: zh_CN


You can write a plugin to listen FarmBattle's event
Here are the events:
If you need help or want to report bugs,Please PM me.
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