How to use VipSystem – English Edition

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Welcome to use VipSystem! Now, let’s me show you how to configure and use VipSystem. In fact, it is easy to use! Come on!

(All the pictures below are in the Chinese Edition,But actually you can edit the language file like what I post in spigotmc)


First, put the plugin in the server. I have installed these plugins for example, just like the following picture!


Restart the server after putting them.


Join in the server, when the players run the command “/vipsys”, it will show just like following picture:


If an OP run it, it will show like this:

See? The commands what is ONLY-OP-USE will show up now.


The above is how to install the plugin and the commands. You must press all of the command’s arguments correctly. Please NOT report bugs what caused by typing the wrong arguments to me.


Now, let’s me show you how to set.

For example, the GroupManager plugin. First, create a group, for example, create a group named “vip1”. If you want to set you the VIP1 for 7 days, you need to use the commands: /vipsys give Soldier__ vip1 7d (Soldier__ is me).


You can use “/vipsys viptime” to look up the number of days your VIP surplus. If OP want to look up a player’s, you can use “/vipsys look <Player Name>” for example: /vipsys look Soldier__


If you want to remove a player’s VIP, you can use “/vipsys remove <Player Name>”. For example, /vipsys remove Soldier__


If you want to make a automatic vending to selling VIPs, what shall we do?


For example, /vipsys createkey 100 vip1 7d

After press the commands like this, you will see the tip, if it have done, it will have a message in console. If your MySQL or SQLite doen't have high performance, it may need some time.

If you want to export the keys, you can use “/vipsys export <VIP Group Name>”

For example: /vipsys export vip1



Then, the plugin will show you the path where saves the data files. You can add the datas in the file to other automatic vending system.


There is the keys what I exported (You can edit the generating configuration in the config file). So, let’s me show you how to use the keys.

Use “/vipsys key <Your Key>” to use it, then you will get the corresponding VIP what you set before your export it.

There is so many things you can set in the config file. The newest docs here:


So, the above is how to use VipSystem. Thanks for watching.


If you are developer, and you want to expand based on VipSystem plugin, welcome to visit our GitHub: We have some API for you and there are so many docs here. The source code for this plugin is here:


Eventually,Thank tdiant for translating the docs for me!